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Strata: See your marketing through augmented reality

In the past we've highlighted augmented reality as one of the hot KPI's of the future. Well, that future is now. The technology that is needed is sitting in your hands today with your current Android or iOS smartphones providing a brand new way for organizations engage with their customers.

This is not your typical Tableau webinar. You’ll hear from one of the leading content creators and Tableau partner, Strata, for virtual reality and augmented reality, on why this new platform is so important. You’ll also be hands on and asked to download an app to interact with the different components of AR and see a whole new marketing area to utilize with your customers and how Tableau can help to visualize these new types of analytics that this platform is generating.

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John Wright

Chief Executive Officer, Strata

John has a unique perspective on augmented reality, having been one of the pioneers in 3D graphics and virtual reality. John founded Viewpoint in 1988, which was one of the first companies to sell a vast library of 3D digital models. These 3D models are still being viewed today in hundreds of blockbuster films and games. Viewpoint was sold to Computer Associates in 1998. John has since founded or served in executive positions in several new leading edge technology companies doing 3D Printing, Holography, 3D Medical visualization, Carbon Fiber Nanotubes and more. John has worked closely with some of the largest clients in the world including GM, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Starbucks, Dell, Boeing, Disney, Nintendo and Sony.

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