Server Management Virtual Workshop: Content Migration & Resource Monitoring

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Server Management Virtual Workshop

Join this workshop for an introduction to Tableau Server Management and take a deep dive into the Content Migration Tool and Resource Monitoring Tool. The needs of your business are always changing and as a result, the way you scale Tableau Server and the data your users rely on most, must evolve as well. The Server Management suite helps you better scale your Tableau Server deployment by enabling you to react to the changing needs of your business and streamline the management process. In this Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Use the Content Migration Tool to copy or migrate and transform content between Tableau Server environments
  • Build a migration plan that you can use a single time or as a template for multiple migrations
  • Use the Resource Monitoring Tool to monitor the health and performance of your Tableau Server
  • Proactively optimize your environment to prevent slow load times, extract failures, and other critical issues

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Rob Levine

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Rob Levine is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau, where he helps customers solve technical problems and visualize their data. He has been with Tableau since April 2013 and has over nineteen years of experience selling enterprise software solutions and building strong client relationships during pre and post sales activities. Participating as a hands-on technical and functional sales engineer across multiple industries has allowed exposure to a broad range of enterprise systems, sales methodologies, and complete end-to-end systems.