Over the past month, we've had the time of our lives interviewing Santa about how he uses Tableau. Last week, he shared his naughty-or-nice dashboard. And the week before, he told us how he monitors toy quality around the world.

Now, as he enters crunch time for the big day, Santa is prepared to share his third and final dashboard. And this one could be the most important of all. After all, what's the single most important part of his global operation?

Being able to travel the world in a single night.

In this dashboard, Santa shows how he evaluates his options for magical transportation. You might be surprised!

Learn More About How Santa Claus Uses Tableau

How Santa Claus Uses Tableau
Naughty or Nice? Santa Uses Tableau to Decide Who Gets Coal

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This i very cool, although I am very disappointed in the Narwahl's poor showing!

Excellent points, Christine and Jeff! We have forwarded the feedback to Santa. ;)