This Week: Table Calcs Thursday!

Get ready: this Thursday is Table Calcs Thursday at Tableau!

Why a day for Table Calculations?

Why a May Day? Why a Presidents' Day? Why a National Puppy Day? To celebrate wonderful things, of course.

Table Calculations have long been a part of Tableau, allowing you to extend your data with custom transformations. With Tableau 6.0 we've added powerful extensions to the Table Calculation language, including functions that let you customize them in ways that were not possible before. We're spending a day focusing on Table Calculations to help customers get the most from them.

What happens on Table Calcs Thursday?

Well, all kinds of Table Calculations goodness, of course!
For one thing, we'll be making new resources: a whitepaper and a list of Top 10 Table Calcs. The Top 10 Table Calcs include celebrity Table Calcs such as running total and bump chart.

A bump chart, which tracks rank over time, is one of many things you an do with Table Calculations.

For another, we'll take a look at some of the great work that's been done on calculations in the forums and how you can learn from it and contribute.

And finally, we're making ourselves available to answer everything you ever wanted to know about Table Calcs. Just email on Thursday with questions about

  • What table calculations can do
  • Help on specific calculations you need to create
  • Musings on what table calculations mean to mankind
  • Interesting stories of how and where you've used table calculations

I see that Table Calculations are useful, but can they be fun?

Of course they can! The joy of a well-placed Index() function is like none other. Just ask regular forums contributors like Joe Mako.

So collect your calcs questions and on Thursday, watch this space.

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