The long-running BBC series Dr. Who is one of the most popular science fiction shows of all time. Myraid are its fans, and as you can see from this visualization, its villains. Whether they are looking to invade the earth, drink blood or just kill the Doctor, rest assured you will be entertained. Thanks to the Guardian Datablog for the data.

If you select any of the motives on the top, you will see the bottom view filter down to a list of villains which had that motive. You will also see that some motives are connected to other motives. This is because some villains have multiple motives in a given episode, like killing everything and world domination. Talk about multi-tasking!



Thanks Tim!

Where are the Slevene? (sp?)
they are those fat dino-looking guys who fart a lot and strip off their human disguises as light pours out of their foreheads

Sorry, it looks like you've got them as "Slitheen". I thought it had a "V" in it but you are probably right.

I am not sure- I don't watch the show. The data was crowd-sourced though so it could be incorrect.