Welcome State of Ohio Agencies and Tableau Users! In collaboration with DAS Enterprise BI Services we have attempted to guide you to take advantage and be aware of some important updates that may impact you.

Currently, there are three different licensing models available to State of Ohio Tableau users:

  • Tableau Creator License
  • Tableau Desktop Subscription License
  • Tableau Desktop Perpetual License

The differences between these three license models are highlighted below:

Tableau Creator Tableau Desktop Subscription Tableau Desktop Perpetual

Tableau Desktop


Included Included

Tableau Prep


Included but will expire June 30, 2020** Included but will expire June 30, 2020**
Tableau Server or Online


Not Included Not Included

$840 per user per year

$840 per user per year $1,599 one-time fee


Annually $397 annual maintenance


Now Called Tableau Creator Will be discontinued May 2021

**As noted above, please be advised that all Tableau Prep Builder Keys (provided under the Desktop license models) will expire on June 30th, 2020.

In order to take full advantage of Tableau Prep and other capabilities, please consider converting any current Tableau Desktop licenses to Tableau Creator subscription licenses prior to June 30th, 2020. We suggest doing this upon renewal wherever possible.

If you have a Tableau Desktop Subscription or Perpetual License and would like to retain your access to Tableau Prep:
1. Consider converting from your legacy Desktop license to the new Creator License subscription model:

  • For converting from Desktop Subscription to Creator, the same pricing is associated with each ($840/year list price for each)
  • For converting from Desktop Perpetual to Creator, we will honor the existing Perpetual OH STS Term Contract maintenance price of $397/year – at no additional cost – for 3 years after the date of the conversion. We advise converting during your renewal period but can perform the conversion anytime at the pro-rated amount of your current renewal.

2. Once a conversion takes place, any new licenses will be at the Tableau Creator level and at the going rate ($840/user per year list price) and legacy licenses of Desktop Professional will not be added to new orders

For purchases of new licenses moving forward, it is also recommended that all new licenses be purchased as Tableau Creator subscription licenses (as Desktop Perpetual license sales will be discontinued by May of 2021.)

For additional information or to discuss further, please refer to the contact list below:

Emma McCrary - Tableau Senior Renewals Manager

Samantha Frost - Tableau Enterprise Sales Representative

Steve Cohen - Tableau Account Executive