Gartner Evaluates Leading Vendors for Analysis & Business Intelligence

Surveys of Vendors' Customers Showcased in Gartner's Reports

Wondering how popular analysis and business intelligence platforms fare? Read two new reports from Gartner, the world's leading technology consultancy. Based on surveys of customers from over 20 different software platforms, these reports take an in-depth look at functionality and customer satisfaction.

Tableau Evaluated Based on Customer Survey Feedback

The survey asked about reporting, ad hoc analysis, dashboards, scorecards and predictive analytics. The bars show the percentage of customers using the software for each function and the total of all those percentages for each vendor (which therefore exceeds 100%).

The longer the bar, the more analytical use customers reported for the vendor. Tableau Software is the last bar on the graph.

Number of Customers Using Vendors for BI Activities

More About Tableau’s Products

Tableau’s business analysis products let business users explore and analyze their data independently without waiting for IT. Tableau gives analysts exactly the power and access they been crying for. Unlike virtually every other vendor in the graph above, users can buy and install their own copies of Tableau. IT is not required for installation or set up. People using Tableau get:

  • Rapid analysis & discovery: explore, not just graph data, to identify trends and outliers.
  • Self service: get data when and how you want it -- IT doesn't have to create new reports.
  • Infrastructure fit: software that reads virtually every file type and fits right into your existing database, security and IT architecture. IT won't resist something that makes you more effective while reducing their burden.
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance: install in minutes, without the need for professional services or a long implementation phase. Little ongoing maintenance is needed.

Tableau is a software company that’s finally doing business analytics right: giving business people the tools to get answers right now, right when it's needed. Based on breakthrough technology from Stanford University, Tableau is the next generation of business intelligence software. It’s fast, easy and beautiful.

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