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Cloudera and Tableau make it easy to perform sophisticated visual analysis directly on data in Hadoop without needing to know code or query languages. Information from Cloudera Enterprise is visually displayed in Tableau as a series of fields that users can drag- and-drop to visualize the data relevant to the analysis. Connecting Tableau to Impala is as easy as connecting to any other data source from Tableau, with no additional setup or programming required. Unlock the power of big data with experience interactive analytics on the massive volume and variety of data stored in Cloudera Enterprise.

Why Cloudera + Tableau?

Cloudera and Tableau are a powerful big data analytics solution. Cloudera's performant and multi-faceted data stores make it easy to store and query massive amounts of data. Tableau allows you to answer questions in that data visually and begin discovering new insights in seconds. Create interactive visualizations and dashboards—all without any programming. Then share it all with a few clicks.

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GoPro: Be a Hero with Big Data and Tableau

Keeping up with growth while targeting a expanding audience of GoPro enthusiasts requires extreme data wrangling. The data science and engineering team at GoPro has built a central data platform in Hadoop to unify billions of records across a scattered data landscape. Using an array of tools from Cloudera, Control-M, Trifacta, and Tableau, GoPro has merged Exact Target and Google Big Query data to drive CRM performance insights.

Going the Full Hadoop for BI: Why EBates Did It

With 30 million+ members globally and hundreds of terabytes of data, Ebates' BI Team moved to a non-traditional approach as a matter of necessity. They defined what a non-traditional approach looks like and kept their Tableau business users happy. In this session, EBates BI leader, Mark Stange-Tregear, will share why and how his team successfully transitioned from traditional BI on a traditional data-warehouse, to "all in" self-service BI on Hadoop.

We are using Tableau with Hadoop via Impala to analyze hundreds of millions of records in a matter of seconds. It’s so fast. I can't see a future that doesn’t include something like this — a visualization tool on a powerful database—that allows you to instantly figure out what's going on with your company.

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