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Tableau Server 9.1.1

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 9.1.23, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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Télécharger Tableau Server 9.1.1

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jeu, 15 Octobre, 2015

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Notes de version pour Tableau 9.1.1 Les utilisateurs de Tableau Desktop pour lesquels les mises à jour produit sont activées dans leur environnement seront invités à appliquer la mise à niveau quelques jours après la mise à disposition d'une version de maintenance. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la base de connaissances Tableau.

Problèmes résolus

ID du problème Description

Initial SQL statements were called twice during background extract refresh.


In Tableau Server on the Data Sources page, the date and time in the Modified column sometimes did not update when you re-published a data source.


Views in the mobile app or a mobile browser sometimes failed to scroll.


A REST API request to "Query Workbooks For User" received a "403 Forbidden" response if the user didn't have the correct permissions for the parent projects of any workbooks they had permission to access.


Searching for an Active Directory group using a domain nickname did not return any results. The group could not be imported into Tableau Server unless the search was performed using a fully qualified domain name.


The "tabadmin warmup" command failed to run correctly.


Tooltips sometimes moved away from your cursor when you tried to interact with them, making them unusable.


When interacting with a dashboard in a browser, moving the cursor away from a mark that contained a highlight action did not clear the highlight.


After you saved changes and re-opened the Tableau Server Configuration dialog box, the SAP HANA single sign-on SAML certificate and key file locations appeared blank.


In Tableau Server, the "Actions by Recent Users" server status view sometimes omitted information.


Selecting a mark with a filter action and then selecting "Keep Only" in the mark label sometimes resulted in a "tuple id cannot be resolved" error message.


When a user opened a second browser tab to a different site, returning to the first tab prompted the user to re-authenticate.


In certain environments with fewer than four CPU cores or under load with multiple concurrent queries, a "Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: DataFlow::GetColumn" error sometimes occurred.


If you stopped Tableau Server while Search & Browse was reindexing, and then upgraded to 9.1, the followng warning appeared: "Tableau Server is currently rebuilding its search index; some content may not be available for several minutes during this process." The reindexing was completed on upgrade, but the warning did not go away. You could not remove the warning banner without assistance from Tableau Support.


The width of quick filter controls in the view changed after being published to Tableau Server.


The "+" button to expand hierarchies sometimes did not appear correctly.


Attempting to add users with special characters in the names resulted in a failure to synchronize with Active Directory.


In a view that contained multiple instances of a column driving a URL action, the action sometimes targeted the wrong URL.


Data Server sometimes crashed while shutting down the service.


Clicking a measure name in a color mark caused the following error message to appear: "Uncaught TypeError: e.get_blockType is not a function Uncaught [object Object]".


When a user attempted to open a view that referenced a published data source to which they did not have access, the page repeatedly prompted for data source authentication, rather than showing the appropriate error message.


Opening certain workbooks in Tableau Desktop or loading them in Tableau Server or Tableau Online caused the following error message to appear: "No such function (= integer string)".

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