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Tableau Server 8.2.5

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 8.2.22, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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Télécharger Tableau Server 8.2.5

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jeu, 20 Novembre, 2014

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Problèmes résolus

ID du problème Description

Formatting a parameter control with a border caused it to display without any values when the “Show Title” option was not selected.


Sometimes exporting a large view to a CSV file using tabcmd export caused the error: “Java heap space”.


Deleting a site from Tableau Server using tabcmd failed when either the site was large or there was not enough memory on the Tableau Server machine to support site deletion.


Updated the OpenSSL framework in Tableau Desktop and Server to 1.0.1j to address multiple security issues described in the OpenSSL Security Advisory (, 15 Oct 2014).


Selecting a dashboard item that has a highlight action associated with it did not result in a highlight in a published workbook.


In Internet Explorer 11, when working with a view embedded in an iframe, expanding a combo box (for example in a filter) caused all of the view except the combo box to go blank.


Changing the owner of a published data source that has embedded credentials would result in a user not being able to edit and update the credentials, and any attempts to open workbooks would result in repeated prompts for credentials.


In a published dashboard, a series of actions that included changing filter selections could result in a "C++ Exception: zone not found" error.


The control for drilling down into a field hierarchy did not appear on the field when you edited a view on Tableau Server.


Updated the Java component used by Tableau Server to address multiple critical security vulnerabilities described in the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2014 (


When using Manage Product Keys to refresh licenses, the following error occurred: “Some of your product keys could not be synchronized.”


Sometimes a filter action which had been configured to display in the menu after right-clicking on a mark would disappear from the tooltip.


Various security issues were addressed that could compromise a user's browser.


When signed in to the server from Internet Explorer 8, the option to generate and download a snapshot of log files was not available.


In the web editing environment, if you renamed a sheet, and then used the Save As command to create a new workbook, the sheet was missing from the new workbook.


When pasting text copied from a website into a tooltip, the font size was set to zero, and the text did not display.


URL actions in server-rendered story points would not work in Internet Explorer 8.


Hovering over a drill up/drill down (+) icon on one sheet of a dashboard would activate it and when you moved your mouse to the same icon on a different sheet it would not appear.


Background maps were not displaying when exported to an image if the map was rendered locally. The exported image included only the marks.


The cursor did not change from an arrow to a hand when it was positioned over an interactive (clickable) element.


Tableau Server administrators could see a "Tableau Server encountered an internal error" message when attempting to view data sources if a workbook's owner no longer exists.


When a workbook was published without tabs, an action filter did not open a new tab when clicked.

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