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Tableau Server 8.1.3

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 8.1.25, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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Télécharger Tableau Server 8.1.3

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mer, 08 Janvier, 2014

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Corrected a security vulnerability in the data server.


In a server environment configured for high availability, running the tabadmin cleanup command from a gateway machine while the server was still running would not remove the logs directory from the worker machines.


In some cases, VizQL processes could consume large quantities of memory for certain workbooks and would not relinquish the memory. As a result, response times would become slow.


If a background process failed, subscriptions that had not been processed would be displayed indefinitely as "In Progress." The pending subscriptions would be handled after the background process was restarted.


Editing wgserver.vmopt before upgrading to Tableau Server 8.1 would cause an internal error.


Restoring an 8.0.x backup file after upgrading to Tableau Server 8.1.x would sometimes fail with a “Called id for nil” error.


The trusted ticket PHP example code that ships with Tableau Server would return the error “could not locate url: views/0”.


When displaying the User list on Tableau Server, the application now distinguishes between explicit and implicit publish rights by showing a green checkmark for full publish rights and a grey checkmark for limited publish rights.


On Tableau Servers running in a pure IPv6 distributed environment, the search service would be affected in the following ways:
- If an Application Server process existed on any Worker nodes in addition to the Primary, the Search Service index could not be rebuilt.
- If an Application Server process did not exist on the Primary node at all, the Search Service would not work.

Distributed Tableau Servers operating in pure-IPv4 or dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networks are not affected.


Installing Tableau Server to a computer having a hostname that included an underscore character (_) would fail. Tableau Server now supports hostnames that contain underscores.


Temporary files created on Tableau Server during extract refreshes, image exports, and subscription email creation were not being deleted. These files were eventually deleted by a background task.


When connecting to Tableau Server through a proxy server, entering the same incorrect credentials twice could cause the application to appear to have accepted the credentials and therefore stop requesting new credentials. Map tiles would not display in this case.


Adding Active Directory usernames that contained spaces would fail.


Corrected a security vulnerability in the Tableau Server permission functionality.


When zoomed in or out in a browser, sorting a column on Tableau Server could cause a server exception error.


Tableau Server would respond slowly or stop responding when opening workbooks with dashboards containing .png or .jpeg image files located on non-mapped file locations starting with two backslashes (\\).


The error "An unexpected failure occurred retrieving system information from the database" would occur when connecting to Oracle databases from Tableau Server.

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