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Tableau Server 8.1.16

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 8.1.25, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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Télécharger Tableau Server 8.1.16

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jeu, 19 Février, 2015

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Resolved Issues

ID du problème Description

When you deleted a custom view and created a new view with the same name, the view showed the data from the original view and the view name was "Unlisted Custom View".


Upgraded to libpng 1.6.16 to address an external security vulnerability.


Using parameters in a bin caused values to show as zero instead of the values in the data.


When using a published data source, if you hid a calculated field and published a workbook, the hidden field would display.


When using the command "tabadmin set vizqlserver.rserve.password" to set a password that begins with 0 (zero), the password was not correctly set in workgroup.yml.


Upgraded to the latest version of OpenSSL (1.0.1k).

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