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Tableau Server 8.1.11

Nous vous recommandons d'utiliser la dernière version de maintenance de cette version qui contient des correctifs supplémentaires.

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Problèmes résolus

ID du problème Description

After upgrading Tableau Server, accessing the User Preferences page caused the following 404 error: “The requested URL was not found on this server."


An unnecessary HAVING clause in the query used to populate quick filters from a published Oracle data source impacted performance.


When using web edit to edit a workbook, you could not drag and drop a dimension without generating a "LogicException: Internal Error" message. This occurred with extracts created with the TDE API, as well as any data sources with names that included backslashes.


When connected to an Oracle data source, refreshing large extracts caused out of memory errors.


Active Directory synchronizations did not show in the Admin Background Tasks Admin view.


Clearing a custom value list filter which was set to include no values when empty resulted in a slow update to the view before displaying no records.


On complex views, clicking a header did not select the header, so any actions were not triggered. This was especially evident in Internet Explorer 9 but also possible using other browsers.


The query box in multiple value custom lists was not reliably cleared when clicking the red X to remove a value or clicking Clear List.

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Télécharger Tableau Server 8.1.11

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lun., 29 Septembre, 2014

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