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Tableau Desktop 2020.4

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 2020.4.19, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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En raison de la vulnérabilité Apache Log4j et par mesure de précaution, le fichier pour cette version n'est plus disponible au téléchargement. Pour connaître les dernières avancées, veuillez consulter cet article mis à jour dès que de nouvelles informations sont disponibles.

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lun., 14 Décembre, 2020

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Problèmes résolus

ID du problème Description

CEILING() function could return incorrect results when using a scalar or a constant as the argument.


Creating an extract from an OData connection could fail after navigating to a worksheet.


"Error code: 6EA18A9E. Unable to create extract" could occur with text files when selecting a merged mismatched field as a matching field between two logical tables.


A table calculation could disappear from the view after the data source was published to Tableau Server.


In the Relationship dialog, when a linking field was changed from an integer to a string, the dialog displayed the correct type but the query used the original data type which could result in a "type mismatch" error.


The Data Quality Warnings would not refresh for a workbook if the data source connection is opened or a workbook with the connection is opened before signed into Tableau Server.


The calculated field set in a title of a Viz is displayed as "All" when using a discrete date dimension for a table across or table down calculation.


When a workbook contained a file union, any subsequent workbook open attempts could fail because the column name would not exist in the data source due to a language translation.


An error would occur stating, "Invalid SET statement in the triggered action," when an attempt to connect to Teradata with a username that contained an apostrophe was performed.


It was not possible to edit an axis range of a continuous bin when the range is fixed to set either the fixed start or fixed end to a decimal number.

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