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Tableau Desktop 2020.3.2

Nous conseillons d'utiliser la dernière mise à jour de maintenance pour cette version, 2020.3.14, afin de bénéficier de tous les correctifs disponibles.

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En raison de la vulnérabilité Apache Log4j et par mesure de précaution, le fichier pour cette version n'est plus disponible au téléchargement. Pour connaître les dernières avancées, veuillez consulter cet article mis à jour dès que de nouvelles informations sont disponibles.

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jeu, 29 Octobre, 2020

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Mise à niveau de Tableau Desktop

Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2020-053 and ADV-054 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Problèmes résolus

ID du problème Description

Opening a workbook with an extract where the extract was created within a packaged workbook could sometimes fail with the message, "Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error code 6EA18A9E".


Auto update could have an inconsistency between the user interface and a twb file with the 'lock-update' flag.


An error would sometimes occur retrieving OData feeds with the message, "Error '20B40A5E'. The table does not exist" .


If the data source filter was initially set to exclude all values, changing the existing data source filter would not work correctly.


Creating an Oracle extract would sometimes result in the error, "Invalid datetime value Error Code: DD90F63D, Unable to create extract".


To refresh extracts for an Oracle JDBC connection to the same database, the user would be prompted for the password to each connection instead of one prompt.


A workbook connected to an Impala data source could result in the error "AnalysisException: LEFT OUTER JOIN requires an ON or USING clause" when "none" is selected in a parameter.


A query could take an excessive amount of time on a complex worksheet and not load.


WDC based connectors would not respect proxy configurations from PAC files starting with 2019.4.


Connecting to Google BigQuery would sometimes be slow on the initial load of datasets.


Sometimes Tableau Desktop would quit when signing out of Tableau Online.


When connected to a large spatial file that is a published data source, and an attempt to load a geometry field was performed, an error would display, "Error: BinaryTupleReader::NextWireValueAligned:941 Not enough data for header".


Duplicated translations appeared in the Dashboard menu. "Caption" was translated as "Title" in zh-CN.


With Impala an ISO-8601 cast from a string to a date and time field failed on 2020.2 and higher with the error, "Invalid character value for cast specification".

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