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Le 1er août, l'équipe de développement de Tableau a mis à jour les certificats des fichiers d’installations de nos produits pour Windows.
Cette modification peut entraîner des problèmes lors de l'installation de certaines versions spécifiques des produits Tableau.
Pour résoudre le problème, veuillez installer la dernière version du produit que vous utilisez.
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Pour plus de détails, veuillez consulter cet article de notre base de connaissances .

Product release and download

Tableau Desktop 10.1.5

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.1.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Date de lancement

mer, 15 Février, 2017

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Resolved Issues

ID du problème Description

In some cases, attempting to replace a published data source with a local copy of the same data source would result in an error stating that a data source with the same name already exists.


When you refreshed a live, generic ODBC data connection, cached, existing data would be returned instead of any new data.


After upgrading to Tableau 10.0 or higher from a previous version, performance when loading some workbooks containing data sources with a large number of joined tables was noticeably slower.


When connected to Vertica, attempting to use the DATEPART function within a DATEADD function in a calculated field would result in Vertica error 4286.


Unchecking "Show Header" for a dimension belonging to a hierarchy could make it impossible to expand the hierarchy, within the view, using the expand and collapse buttons in the dimension headers.


Tableau Desktop would crash unexpectedly when connecting to a Progress OpenEdge synonym.


In some cases, your Preferences.tps file can have unexpected character encoding resulting in invalid custom color palettes. Tableau Desktop would crash when you attempted to select on of these invalid color palettes in the Edit Colors dialog.


Filter actions being used as "reset" buttons in previous versions, failed to clear selections and reset the view after upgrading to Tableau 10.1.


Opening workbooks containing duplicated Oracle Essbase connections would fail with an invalid username and password error.


In some cases, Tableau Desktop would repeatedly prompt for Tableau Online credentials after a period of idle time and would not successfully reconnect without closing Tableau Desktop and launching it again.

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