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24 Juil, 2014
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Issue ID

In Tableau Desktop on the Mac, choosing Print Active Sheet printed all selected sheets.


Tableau Desktop attempts to use graphics card hardware acceleration for rendering and falls back to software rendering when a card does not support hardware acceleration. With some graphics cards Tableau Desktop was not falling back to software rendering as expected but would close instead.


Opening a workbook and extract that were created in a prior version of Tableau Desktop and included a week calculation could cause an error.


Proxy configurations that sent authentication messages of over 4095 characters caused Tableau Desktop to shut down immediately after starting.


When copying text from Excel to Tableau, if the last line of data was a single character without a record delimiter, the last item was not included.


Starting Tableau Desktop and switching to another application before taking any action in Tableau Desktop sometimes caused Tableau Desktop to close.


In Tableau Desktop on the Mac, opening a data source while a Salesforce, Google Analytics, OData or Azure data source was in the process of extracting data caused an error or caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.


Passwords for Amazon Redshift data sources that contain percent symbols are now correctly handled.


While in presentation mode on a dashboard, the Go to Sheet option did not appear.


Some fonts, such as Palatino Linotype, displayed too much space after capital letters.


On a dashboard, clicking the Go to Sheet icon for a did not take you to the sheet until you clicked a second time.


Google BigQuery connection load times took longer than in previous releases.


Using Tableau Desktop on the Mac, the workbook locale was always US English, regardless of computer settings.


Connecting to a text file with a long path caused the Connect to Data window to expand, with no way to resize it.


Editing an existing data connection with a complex set of tables and adding a new table sometimes corrupted the connection, making the associated worksheets inaccessible.


Editing a Filter Action when Run on single select only is enabled and Selected Fields is selected caused the list of fields to be lost when clicking OK.


With Tableau Desktop on the Mac, column headers on the data source page were misaligned with the data when scrolled completely to the right.


Opening some workbooks with Teradata connections caused Tableau Desktop to close.


When republishing a workbook that used an extract, you were not prompted for a password even when the original workbook had included an embedded password. Subsequent attempts to refresh the extract would fail due to an invalid (missing) password.


Using Tableau Desktop on a Mac, Teradata connections resulted in the error: “The drivers necessary to connect to this database server are not properly installed” even if the drivers had been installed. Opening Terminal allowed you to connect to the Teradata database using Tableau Desktop.


On the Mac, some third-party pointing devices sometimes caused Tableau Desktop to fail to start.


Logging into Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or Tableau Public from a computer with only one CPU sometimes resulted in an "Invalid user or password" error.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

In environments doing HTTPS termination at an external load balancer, the Generate Snapshot option on the Maintenance page was disabled.


When Tableau Server started, Tableau Server processes were showing as unlicensed because the licensing service was not available when the processes attempted to contact it.


In Internet Explorer 8, an "Unexpected Error" displayed when changing a parameter value.


After upgrading to Tableau Server 8.2, any backgrounder.querylimit value larger than 7300 was ignored and queries did not run longer than 7300 seconds. Tableau 8.2.1 now respects the backgrounder.querylimit value again.


In Google Chrome, some workbooks generated an "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getMapExtentOrPaneRect' of null" error.


Exporting a published view with two or more measures on Rows or Columns resulted in duplicated exported rows. The number of times the rows were repeated based on the number of measures on the shelf.


The Java component used by Tableau Server was updated to 1.7.0_60 to address multiple critical security vulnerabilities described in an Oracle Critical Patch Update.


After upgrading Tableau Server in a distributed environment, PostgreSQL drivers were updated on the primary but not on the workers, and no message explained this. You must upgrade the workers manually.


With SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse connections, views on Tableau Server did not accurately reflect updated data after a refresh.

Tableau Mobile (Back to top)
Issue ID

When using German, Japanese, or Korean locales, the Tableau Mobile app sometimes started with a blank white screen.

This version is available from the Customer Account Center.

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