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Date de publication:
08 Jan, 2014
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New Capabilities

Added support for connecting to DataStax 3.0.

Added support for connecting to Greenplum HD (Pivotal HD) via the HAWQ service using the standard Greenplum connection.

Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

In Tableau Desktop, it was not possible to change a Microsoft Access table name from the default name.


Precision was difficult when resizing the column and row cell boundaries and the resizing icon did not change.


Tableau Desktop could stop responding when selecting a custom shape mark in a view or shape legend with "Highlight Selected Items" enabled.


The application would exit when opening particular packaged workbooks that contained a large number of categorical quick filters.


In Tableau Desktop, connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database using a password that contained a double quote (“) or single quote (‘) or semicolon (;) character would result in an 'Invalid username or password' error.


The tables of a Redshift database that did not contain a schema named "public" would not be shown in the Tableau Desktop connection dialog box, and the connection could not be made.


When starting to type a field name for a dimension or measure, there is no auto fill option to jump to the field in the list.


The slider shown on date parameter controls would show an extra tick mark beyond the maximum parameter value.


When connecting to Google Analytics using Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2003 R2, settings in the connection dialog box would randomly disappear while completing the connection.


Calculated fields that referenced a boolean parameter could sometimes cause a Field Formula error in version 8.1 despite working in previous versions.


Combined fields do not display when connected to multidimensional data sources (cubes).


Precision is difficult when resizing the column and row cell boundaries and the resizing icon does not change.


In Tableau Desktop, refreshing all thumbnails in large workbooks can cause the product to stop responding.


Workbooks that use OLEDB to connect to Microsoft SQL Server databases were slower in version 8.1 than in previous versions.


Views do not change when changing a parameter value. Pressing F5 to refresh updates the view.


The ODBC Connector was not available when using a trial version of Tableau 8.1.


When connected to Google BigQuery databases, the COUNT DISTINCT aggregation was not supported in version 8.1 despite being supported in earlier versions. The support for this aggregation has been restored.


An application error could occur in Tableau Desktop if the directory where a bookmark was saved was deleted.


When connecting to SAP HANA databases, the connection name for use in Tableau was not being retained and defaulted to the generated name.


Views did not change when changing a parameter value. Pressing F5 would update the view.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Corrected a security vulnerability in the data server.


When displaying the User list on Tableau Server, the application now distinguishes between explicit and implicit publish rights by showing a green checkmark for full publish rights and a grey checkmark for limited publish rights.


When zoomed in or out in a browser, sorting a column on Tableau Server could cause a server exception error.


The trusted ticket PHP example code that ships with Tableau Server would return the error “could not locate url: views/0”.


Corrected a security vulnerability in the Tableau Server permission functionality.


Adding Active Directory usernames that contained spaces would fail.


Restoring an 8.0.x backup file after upgrading to Tableau Server 8.1.x would sometimes fail with a “Called id for nil” error.


When connecting to Tableau Server through a proxy server, entering the same incorrect credentials twice could cause the application to appear to have accepted the credentials and therefore stop requesting new credentials. Map tiles would not display in this case.


Editing wgserver.vmopt before upgrading to Tableau Server 8.1 would cause an internal error.


If a background process failed, subscriptions that had not been processed would be displayed indefinitely as "In Progress." The pending subscriptions would be handled after the background process was restarted.


Temporary files created on Tableau Server during extract refreshes, image exports, and subscription email creation were not being deleted. These files were eventually deleted by a background task.


In some cases, VizQL processes could consume large quantities of memory for certain workbooks and would not relinquish the memory. As a result, response times would become slow.


Installing Tableau Server to a computer having a hostname that included an underscore character (_) would fail. Tableau Server now supports hostnames that contain underscores.


In a server environment configured for high availability, running the tabadmin cleanup command from a gateway machine while the server was still running would not remove the logs directory from the worker machines.


On Tableau Servers running in a pure IPv6 distributed environment, the search service would be affected in the following ways:
- If an Application Server process existed on any Worker nodes in addition to the Primary, the Search Service index could not be rebuilt.
- If an Application Server process did not exist on the Primary node at all, the Search Service would not work.

Distributed Tableau Servers operating in pure-IPv4 or dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networks are not affected.


The error "An unexpected failure occurred retrieving system information from the database" would occur when connecting to Oracle databases from Tableau Server.


Tableau Server would respond slowly or stop responding when opening workbooks with dashboards containing .png or .jpeg image files located on non-mapped file locations starting with two backslashes (\\).

Tableau Online (Back to top)
Issue ID

When using tabcmd to publish workbooks to Tableau Online, using a username and password for a user that was only a member of a single non-default site would require adding a site flag to the publish command.

Tableau Mobile (Back to top)
Issue ID

On mobile devices, quick filters that have been set to Exclude were not displaying selected values consistently with what was shown when viewing the quick filter on the web.


When using the Tableau iPad application, a blank white screen would appear after selecting cancel in the SSL certificate confirmation dialog box, making it impossible to connect to TableauServer.


Scrolling within a specific sheet on a dashboard was not possible when using Tableau on mobile devices.


When using Tableau in a web browser on an iPad, selecting values in a long filter list was not possible because the list would scroll unexpectedly.

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