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20 Nov, 2013
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New Capabilities

Added support for Apache 2.4.4.

Added support for selecting a schema when connecting to multiple Amazon Redshift tables.

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Issue ID

Adding drop lines on marks that have a null value would cause the application to stop working.

Comments on measure fields would not word wrap correctly.

When connected to Vertica databases, calculated fields that use the TRIM() function were being sent as LTRIM(RTRIM()) instead.

Tableau Desktop would stop responding when republishing a workbook that connected to a Tableau Server data source and another data source.

Closing a data connection whose fields are used in a calculation would cause Tableau Desktop to stop responding. These calculated fields now correctly become invalid when the connection is closed.


Restoring from a backup file from earlier versions would sometimes fail with a "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" error.

When Tableau Desktop was connected to an SAP Hana data source, a calculated field that used the SQRT function on a FLOAT measure returned a data type INT rather than FLOAT.

In some specific cases, replacing a data source could cause the application to stop working.

Editing a data connection in a workbook using a blended Microsoft Analysis Services cube and extracted from a relational data sources caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.

When working with a nested aggregate calculation, changing one of the calculation layers to a table calculation caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.

When connected to Vertica databases, using non ASCII characters in group names would cause the database error "Non-ASCII characters are not supported in names".

Using date truncation for the fiscal year value caused only the second part of the year to be displayed in a view.

Improved responsiveness and interactivity when creating views and dashboards.

When a data source was replaced with a published version of the same data source, table calculations appeared blank in the Measure Values shelf or were marked invalid.

In workbooks with labeled drop lines, dragging a dimension that contained null values off the Filters shelf caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.

When connected to SAP Hana data sources, converting between date fields and a FLOAT or INT value would return incorrect values that were inconsistent with other data sources. This type of conversion now consistently returns the correct value.

When adding a table calculation that uses the PREVIOUS_VALUE function to a view, a “No such column” error sometimes occurred.

In a worksheet using fields from multiple data source, using a division operator in a calculated field from the secondary data source caused the error “Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use the / function, which cannot be computed locally."

When using tabs to switch between worksheets, the Quick Filters search box would stop responding.


Discontinued support for connecting to Greenplum 3.3.


When using a workbook with table calculations and blended data, table calculations were incorrectly applied to additional aggregate measures in the view.

When connected to Hive Server 2 with Cloudera ODBC 2.5 or later drivers, interacting with a dimension that contain long strings caused a ”Fetch type not supported” error.


When exporting a dashboard image that contained Multiple Values (Dropdown) filters from Tableau Server (or Tableau Desktop), quick filter values of All or Multiple Values were blank.

When connecting to a Salesforce data source, list fields were not available in the connection dialog box.

Clicking View Data in a data connection dialog box sometimes caused Tableau Desktop to stop responding.

When connecting to a Salesforce data source, number fields with the Unique flag selected would not be available in the connection dialog box.

In the Amazon Redshift Connection dialog box, the Single Table list filter showed indexes in addition to the expected tables and views.

The JavaScript API: getFiltersAsync() function was querying the domain values instead of just returning metadata.

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Issue ID

In a published workbook, moving the cursor over items in a Single Value (Dropdown) quick filter did not highlight the items.


A tooltip that was wider than the view caused scrollbars to display in the view.

Clearing the Enable subscriptions option on the Admin > Sites > Edit Site page, and then clicking OK did not save the setting and had no effect on the Server.


Improved session safety when using trusted authentication.


When editing a workbook that contained more than one Single Value quick filter, selecting a value for the first filter, and then selecting a value for another filter caused an incorrect value to be displayed in the first filter.

In workbooks that contain many sheets, scrolling to see the sheet name on the sheet drop-down menu on Tableau Server would make the last sheets in the list unselectable in Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 web browsers.


In the Customized Views administrative view, the customized view hyperlink would display in the tooltip and then disappear.

When working with a published dashboard that contained an unpublished underlying worksheet, saving the underlying worksheet caused the browser to navigate to the Views list instead of back to the dashboard.


When using a core-based license, starting Tableau Server took a long time. This was due to a license registration check performed before the database started.

Exporting a dashboard as a PNG image created an image truncated to the size of the browser window.

When viewing a workbook that had multiple worksheets, clicking a filter action that pointed to other worksheets loaded the worksheet but did not update the browser’s tab name.

Editing views sometimes caused a 403 error.


Using a highlight action across multiple views in a dashboard would incorrectly highlight all of the target views.

Pausing automatic updates in a published workbook, making a change to a parameter, and then resuming automatic updates sometimes caused a browser processing error followed by a “session ended by server” error.

Searching a Multiple Value List quick filter caused error 502 or 503.


Firewall software would block the browser request when interacting with a view on Tableau Server. This was due to Tableau Server using MIME boundary delimiters longer than the allowed limit of 70 characters.


In a published workbook, selecting an item on a quick filter caused the filter scrollbar to return to scroll to the top.


Opening the PDF version of a published workbook and appending “?:format=pdf” to the URL sometimes resulted in a blank view.


In a published workbook, the color that you set for the pane of a worksheet was also displayed in the column and row headers.


The Show Activity action in the User Activity administrative view caused the error "Sorry, the view you were looking for does not exist, or you do not have permission to see that view."


When exporting a dashboard image that contained Multiple Values (Dropdown) filters from Tableau Server (or Tableau Desktop), quick filter values of All or Multiple Values were blank.

When editing a view on the web, opening a submenu from a field menu, then clicking the broser "back" button caused the field menu to stop responding.


In a published workbook, row heading text overlapped row separator lines.

Editing and then saving workbooks on the web that were connected to Google BigQuery caused the error “RuntimeException: This workbook contains a Google BigQuery data source that requires embedded credentials.”

When connected to either Microsoft Analysis Services or extract based data sources, filter actions, and tooltips that contained long dimension and measure values would be truncated when viewed in a browser.

Using the Measure Values and Measure Names fields caused the view to render slowly.

When editing a workbook in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or a newer version of Internet Explorer, clicking Show Me, and then selecting Treemap or Bubble Chart caused a 404 error.

The time it took to set the parameters via the JavaScript API was too long.

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Issue ID

When using the Tableau iPad application to access a workbook previously published on Tableau Server, horizontal scrolling on an embedded dashboard now works as expected.