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06 mai, 2013
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Issue ID

An out of memory error message was incorrectly displaying when creating an extract with large data sets.

Copying and pasting data into Tableau (clipboard data source) would not work properly if the data includes an extra empty row at the top of the table.

In some cases, when connected to a Tableau Server data source that contains averaged calculated fields, the averaged values would not match what they were in earlier versions of Tableau. This issue was because Tableau 8.0 included null values that were not previously included in the average calculation. The null values are no longer included in this type of calculation.

Annotations placed on top of marks would no longer trigger hover actions as they did in earlier versions.

String columns with UTF-8 encoding in Vertica databases were being interpreted as ANSI/MBCS character strings and were not displaying correctly.

Some bitmap images on dashboards would cause the application to exit with a Runtime Error because Tableau would not recognize if the image did not resize correctly.

Adding very large background images could cause the application to exit. If the background image cannot be rendered, a message now displays indicating that the image is too large.

Opening a workbook that uses an SSL Generic ODBC connection to a PostgreSQL database would fail with a no password supplied error instead of prompting for credentials.

Added support for connecting to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).

It was possible for an extract refresh to succeed even though the refresh query failed. This resulted in an empty extract (zero records). An error message has been added to indicate that the refresh didn't succeed and the original extract was not refreshed.

Added support for connecting to the Amazon Redshift database.

The data source connection list at the top of the Data window would not show a scroll bar when there were more than 30 connections in the workbook.

Added support for the POWER (float, integer) function when connecting using the Generic ODBC connector

Font styles (bold, italic, etc.) for mark labels were not preserved when exporting an image to Enhanced Metafile (.emf) format.

Copying and pasting images or exporting an image as an Enhanced Metafile (.emf) would sometimes clip mark labels or axis labels at the end of the image.

Editing a Tableau Server data source in a workbook that has one or more User Filters would fail with the error Commit called on a nested editor.

Computing totals on calculated fields that included columns from a blended data source would cause and error or cause the application to exit.

Loading views that connect to Oracle could sometimes result in an Identifier too long error. Connections to Oracle databases were sometimes creating temporary tables and indexes to help with filtering and the index names could incorrectly exceed the 30 character limit Oracle has for names.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Using parameters to switch between multiple map views in the same layout container on a published dashboard would not resize the map views correctly.

In environments where the data engine is run on a worker machine, taking an unsafe backup while an extract refresh is running would fail.

Exporting a crosstab of the View Performance History admin view would cause the VizQL Server process to unexpectedly exit.

Turning off Automatic Updates on a view would cause the Refresh Data option to no longer work.

Certain workbooks would fail to publish with a No session context defined error.

Text tables that include multiple dimensions on the Rows and Columns shelves would inconsistently show ellipses to indicate more text marks that did not fit in the view.

Bubble marks for small values were not sized proportionately because a minimum bubble size was enforced. This minimum has been removed so that smaller values are represented correctly. Negative values are indicated in the Special Values Indicator and zero values map to a zero size so they are not shown in the view.

Implemented a security patch to the REXML parser in Ruby on Rails to protect against Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

Implemented a security patch for Ruby on Rails that corrects how it handles newline (\n) characters in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which will prevent remote attackers from conducting cross-site scripting attacks using CSS.

Implemented a security patch to Ruby on Rails that updates the Java XML Parsing to use web defined standards, which prevents remote attackers from reading arbitrary files or causing a Denial-of-service (DoS).

Parameter values would not always show the Display as value when viewed on the web.

In specific environments where a web server and Tableau Server were running on the same machine, some JavaScript APIs were not working consistently in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Optimized performance to decrease the amount of time it takes to open the Users list as an administrator.

For servers configured to use trusted authentication, the Custom Views (Remember my changes) feature is now enabled. In addition, on these servers, the Save and Save As options are now available after editing a workbook on the server.

Images in subscription emails were being cached by email clients, which would cause the old image to be displayed rather than the updated image.

Extract refreshes for text files would fail if the original text file and the extract file were stored in the same directory.

Connections to multidimensional (cube) data sources would omit dimensions with a single hierarchy from the Data window on the web.

Restarting the server while an extract refresh is running would result in the refresh incorrectly showing as successful in the Background Tasks administrative view.

Downloading workbooks with a live connection to Google BigQuery and an active extract would fail.

Restarting the server while an extract refresh is running would result in the refresh incorrectly showing as successful in the Background Tasks administrative view.

Images on dashboards that were center aligned would appear left aligned when published to Tableau Server.

Favorites were not working in Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 on servers that had Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) enabled.

Tooltips would not display when they contained a field that had a greater than (>) or less than (

Refreshing very large extracts could fail with a The system cannot find the path specified error.

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