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Tableau 10.1 offers many new features and enhancements --including more ways to connect and prep your data for analysis, improved formatting, new visual analytics features to help you ask and answer deeper questions, and lots of features for Tableau Server that makes content more discoverable and administration even easier.

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Note: Tableau Desktop customers in environments with Product Updates enabled will be prompted to upgrade a few days after a maintenance release is made available. For more information, see the Tableau Knowledge Base.

Date de publication:
01 Nov, 2016
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New Capabilities

Google BigQuery now supports standard SQL by default. With standard SQL you can write Level of Detail calculations, custom SQL will validate faster, and you can select a billing project for your data analysis.

Tableau Desktop (Back to top)
Issue ID

Tableau Desktop would automatically regenerate hierarchies when you connected to a published data source, even if the hierarchies had been explicitly removed when the data source was published.


Corrected the filled map shape for Hong Kong.


Connecting to an R data file in Tableau Desktop could sometimes take significantly longer than an equivalent CSV file.


Adding a sheet with a thicker row border to a vertical layout container would cause a scroll bar to appear in the sheet even if there was plenty of space in the container to display the sheet content.


Corrected coordinates for the Japanese city of Nagano.


When a sheet name contained a '%' character, and the sheet contained highlighting, an error or crash would occur when interacting with the sheet in Tableau Desktop.


In some views with colored marks, and column or row grand totals shown, filtering out all mark values resulted in an error: "No such column [system:visual].[is_mark_total]"


In some cases, when the Tableau Online Sync Client is set to run continuously, pressing the 'Run Now' icon to trigger a refresh for a data source appeared to have no effect. This was especially the case when attempted immediately after logging into Windows.


In Tableau Desktop, when you right clicked a scroll bar in a view and selected 'Scroll Here', the scroll bar position would change but the view did not scroll.


In some cases, showing a filter in a view would cause Tableau Desktop to crash unexpectedly.


Incorrectly labeled "Opacity" as "Transparency slider".


Corrected the locations of the following Florida zip codes: 33037, 33040, 33050


Selecting packed bubbles from Show Me did not default to the correct stack marks setting.


When joining tables to create a data source in Tableau Desktop, if you added an extract filter and then added an additional table to the join, the extract filter would be removed with no warning.


In Tableau Desktop, if you scrolled a view, and then navigated between views via filter action, the scrolled views could sometimes become distorted.


Corrected the filled map shape for the 83544 zip code.


When you copied a sheet containing a boolean parameter with aliases to another workbook, the parameter would sometimes get into a non-functional state in the target workbook.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Running a subscription schedule using the 'tabcmd runschedule' command would fail if you ran it as a site administrator.


When using web authoring in Tableau Server, if you created a new sheet in a workbook and then let your user session expire without taking any further action, an unknown server error would occur when you tried to resume work.


In some cases, after closing out of web authoring in Tableau Server, you would see a blank page with a number of question marks.


In Tableau Server 10.0 and Tableau Online, it was no longer possible to collapse and hide the upper navigation toolbar in the browser interface.


Tableau Server subscription emails, for some workbooks, would show blank white space where filters were expected.


Text in tooltips for Tableau Server is not selectable and can not be copied and pasted elsewhere.


Custom number formatting for certain numeric values would not be retained in tooltips when viewed in Tableau Server.

Tableau Online (Back to top)
Issue ID

In Tableau Server 10.0 and Tableau Online, it was no longer possible to collapse and hide the upper navigation toolbar in the browser interface.

Tableau Mobile (Back to top)
Issue ID

The Tableau Mobile app could not connect to a SAML-enabled Tableau Server using Microsoft ADFS as the identity provider and NTLM as the authentication mechanism.

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