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Creating and Deploying Brilliant Dashboards

There's a growing trend in savvy companies that are helping end-users create and deliver tailored dashboards through the smart deployment of effective dashboard software and applications.

A good dashboard displays key metrics quickly, but a brilliant one can clearly and rapidly communicates relevant key metrics personalized to each viewer. Historically, creating and deploying brilliant dashboards is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. It typically requires not only software programming expertise but also domain business expertise and knowledge about what and how to communicate information effectively.

Most companies would like to give users the ability to create their own dashboards and reports as a way to liberate them from IT intermediaries and backlogs, but most users aren't capable of accessing databases and formatting result sets to create these dashboards.

Watch this web seminar and learn:

  • The characteristics of a brilliant dashboards - what kind of displays are most effective
  • How to provide business users at every level the information they need to make better decisions
  • How to best communicate outliers, patterns and relationships in your data
  • How to build interactive dashboards that lead users on a guided analytical path toward the answers they need
  • How to build highly effective dashboards as a standalone application or as part of an enterprise BI solution

About the speaker


Ty Alevizos

Senior Sales Consultant Tableau Software

Ty Alevizos is a Senior Sales Consultant for Tableau Software. Ty joined Tableau in April of 2008 and brought with him 15 years experience in software sales, design, and release management. Prior to coming to Tableau, Ty held several positions at I-many Inc., WindRiver Systems and Netopia Inc. Ty graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in music composition.

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