Federal Government Analytics

When the country is your constituency, you need to be able to analyze data on a big scale. With Tableau, you can query nationwide datasets in seconds and drag and drop to visualize any information instantly. Gain and share the insights citizens need to improve their lives and their communities, and optimize federal programs to make the most of every dollar. It’s easy to publish interactive dashboards to promote transparency—no programming required. With built-in mapping capability, you can connect data to locations, states, districts, cities, and more to manage public spaces, services, and safety day-to-day. See how Tableau is transforming Federal government analytics through the stories below.

Federal government analytics with Tableau

Federal agency better supports veterans using data

One of the largest US federal agencies wanted to use its data for a noble mission: to support America’s veterans. After bringing in Tableau, agency leaders saved taxpayer dollars while improving outreach efforts through better decision making and more impactful communication.

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Federal Government Whitepapers

4 Ways Government Agencies Can Deliver Better Results

With the pressure mounting to deliver more with less, public sector leaders are turning to data to improve outcomes for the people they serve. Driving better results for citizens and stakeholders is easier than you think.

5 Best Practices for Open Data in Government

Modern transparency enables data insights to action for the greater good. This paper outlines 5 ways for government agencies to utilize, understand, and share open data with the public.

Defense & Intelligence Agencies

Enabling mission success through data analytics

Armed with Tableau’s powerful, intuitive analytics platform, defense intelligence personnel can swiftly capture key readiness metrics, dig into costs, highlight deficiencies, and perform tactical, repeatable analysis.

Learn how Tableau can help federal defense and intelligence agencies strategically deploy resources and respond in real time to actionable data insights.

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