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Healthcare payers face daunting challenges in the world of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including managing opportunities from new customer acquisition, competition from ‘payviders’ and new health plans, and the need to lower administrative costs. Learn how Tableau helps solve healthcare payer problems through simple, efficient data analysis.

How can healthcare payers address these challenges and drive new revenue streams while improving efficiency and impacting the bottom line? The answers are in your data. Tableau helps make that data, and those discoveries, visible. Tableau empowers leaders with self-service data discovery and visual analytics to deliver game changing performance with measurable impact.

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Advance your leadership in data-driven outcomes and operational efficiency at Tableau Conference. Whether it’s managing your revenue cycle, accelerating clinical trials, or improving population health, you’ll find out how visionary ideas are becoming reality—and network with others like you who are making it happen.

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New York City Health Solutions Showcase

Join the Tableau Health Solutions Showcase on June 11 in NYC to learn how industry leaders like McKesson, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai, and Aetna are overcoming challenges and applying healthcare analytics to enable value based care, with measurable business value and superior patient outcomes.

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4 Best Practices for Improving Operational Excellence

Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing healthcare payer data can do a lot to improve operations. Read this whitepaper to learn how leading healthcare payers are increasing employee productivity, lowering costs, and enabling a risk-based approach to wellness and disease management with self-service analytics.

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Every day we find another use case for Tableau and we find more value, and it is really helping us run our business more effectively, but also service our customers more effectively.

Webinar Series: Improving operational excellence in healthcare payer analytics

Join us for this webinar series to hear from thought leaders on how they have embraced healthcare payer challenges with Tableau, self-service data discovery, and game-changing visual analytics to deliver measurable impact.

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