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Beyond Tableau Reader: 5 Things You’re Not Doing with Your Analytics

Ready to take the next step on your data journey?

Your subscription to Tableau Reader makes it easy to gain valuable insights through viewing data, yet nearly impossible to ask questions of...

35 min
  • All - Industries
Data trends for 2020 and beyond

As more organizations realize the value of data and analytics for driving transformation, the landscape is evolving faster than ever. To stay competitive, you must know how to effectively harness...

60 min
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Why Visual Analytics?

When you are trying to understand and find key insights from your data, where do you begin?

There are two popular approaches to visual data exploration-data visualisation and visual...

36 min
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Slalom: Can your BI platform return more value?

What makes your business intelligence selection impactful? This is a complex question that must factor in both technology and culture. Data alone doesn’t guarantee better decisions. In order to...

35 min
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Dropbox: Enabling a culture of data-driven decisions

Dropbox empowers teams to securely organize their content, tune out distractions, and collaborate within their enterprise. But when it came to their internal data and analysis, they lacked a...

28 min
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Data Viz Debate: Blue Orange colour palette - love or hate?

Watch Round 6 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk discuss whether Blue and Orange is the best colour scheme to visualise data, or is there a better colour pair.


7 min
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Data Viz Debate: Long form or single screen visualisations?

Watch Round 5 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk discuss whether mobile phone scrolling has made long form visualisations a necessity or is single screen still relevant.

6 min
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Data Viz Debate: Do business executives need, or want, interactive charts?”

Watch Round 3 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk share their thoughts on the level of interactivity that business executives need and want when consuming data visualisations...

7 min
  • Government
How the Chicago Police Department Improved Public Safety with Data Analytics

Law enforcement departments have always relied on data to keep the public safe and informed.

For the Chicago Police Department (CPD), they're leveraging data analytics to deploy resources...

56 min
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Data Viz Debate: Which is the best decade for data viz - 1910s or 2010s?

Watch Round 2 of the Data Viz Debate as Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk discuss what they believe to be the golden age of data viz discourse and development.

You'll learn how to approach data...

10 min