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Tableau 2019.3 Overview

Tableau 2019.3 is here - and with it, the future of analytics. With significant updates such as the new AI-powered feature of Explain Data, data management improvements with Tableau Catalog, and enhanced Server Management capabilities, the way by which you and your organization are interacting with data is rapidly changing.

Watch our webinar as Tableau product experts outline the innovations that are bringing you closer to your data. We encourage you to explore and learn more about what Tableau can offer in an analytics platform.

This is part of the Tableau 2019.3: The Future of Analytics is Now webinar series.

About the speakers


Ryan McShane

Director, Product Marketing

Ryan McShane leads the platform product marketing team at Tableau, where he is responsible for all product marketing efforts related to Tableau’s offerings. He has also held positions focused on analytics product marketing, community, and new product launches at Tableau. In a previous life he was a management consultant, focused on private equity due diligence. When he is not in the office, you’ll find him exploring the Pacific Northwest with his two young boys, or training for that next triathlon. He holds a BA in Economics from Brown University.


Emily Chen

Associate Product Marketing Manager, Tableau

Emily Chen is in Product Marketing at Tableau where she focuses on all things product launch and evolving Tableau's innovation story. This includes a strong focus on product visuals, creating content to best showcase the product with every new release.

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