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How Interstate Batteries is Using Better Data to Up Their Game

Messy data can take a simple analytics project and turn it into the worst type of manual drudgery. Scrolling through endless rows of data in an attempt to reconcile spreadsheet A with spreadsheet B is a painful reality that too many data analysts currently experience. Hunting down leading 0’s, fixing incorrect state names, and painstakingly correcting email domains … all this can turn into hours of work. Messy data often means being unable to act fast enough to capture valuable opportunities that make you and your company successful.

There’s a better way.

Watch how Interstate Batteries got themselves out of messy data misery using both Informatica Rev and Tableau to capture new revenue opportunities. Learn how they used these tools to clean and visualize data quickly to turn the tables on their competition. Listen as Hayley Horn, Marketing Analyst, talks about how this has impacted not just the success of her organization, but her skills as a data professional.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Spend less time working with data and more time finding insights
  • Leverage the power of Informatica Rev and Tableau
  • Say goodbye to VLookups and complex formula writing
  • Utilize automatic data suggestions to speed up your work with data

Learn how Informatica Rev and Tableau are helping everyday analysts wrangle data faster.

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Hayley Horn

Senior Marketing Analyst at Interstate Batteries

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