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Enterprise Enablement: A Roadmap for Adoption

Adoption of Tableau is often a “bottom-up” phenomenon. However, there are limits to what can be accomplished without “top-down” support. Tableau Drive is a methodology for scaling out self-service analytics. It is a top-down and bottom-up deployment methodology that can help IT organizations rolling out enterprise software. Tableau Drive draws on Agile methods that call for cross functional teams, prototyping, and constant iteration. Agile methods often produce faster results at higher quality.

In this webinar, learn:

  • How to leverage Drive for enterprise deployments
  • A framework for understanding Waterfall and Agile deployments in the context of visual analytics
  • The drive road map for what a successful enterprise-wide analytics deployment looks like, including roles & responsibilities, overview of phases, and advice
  • Where to get a toolkit including best practices, workshops, and checklists

Learn how Drive can help you scale up your analytic culture, and create a healthier, more engaging workplace for all.

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À propos des intervenants


Vikram Ekambaram

Director, Success Management Leader

Ajay Chandramouly

Director of Analyst Relations, Tableau Software

Ajay leads Tableau’s Analyst Relations Program. Prior to joining Tableau, Ajay was at Intel Corporation for over 12 years where he held a variety of leadership positions in IT, product management, and marketing. Ajay has published numerous white papers, been quoted extensively in the press, and spoken at many industry conferences.

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