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Creating Compelling Stories with Data to Drive Institutional Programs

Telling a story with your data is key to delivering visualizations that land well with your users.

During this session, Zack Mazzoncini, founder of Decisive Data’s Tableau Practice, will walk you through 10 techniques for creating a compelling data story in Tableau.

Attend this session and you’ll:

  • Learn how your data can help you tell a story to advance your program's goals
  • Discover techniques to crafting a compelling story by leveraging your data in Tableau
  • Get a jump start by having access to Higher Education Tableau dashboard templates created by valued Tableau partner, Decisive Data

About the speaker


Zack Mazzoncini

Business Development Manager of Partnerships at Decisive Data

Zack is an expert in user experience design specific to data centric visualizations. He leads Decisive Data’s customer success team by deliver intuitive solutions, unique creativity and domain knowledge. His personal mission is to change people’s lives for the better by being the best version of himself. When he’s not serving customers, he can be found fly-fishing or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three children. Oh, and he once traveled from Seattle down to LA. On his bicycle.

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