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Building a grassroots Tableau community on campus

As the demand for data-savvy graduates increases, universities across the globe are working to incorporate analytics education across campus. Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has created an analytics movement and built a recruiting engine for local companies.

Tune in to learn more about how Saint Joseph’s University has found success in creating a culture of analytics on campus by:

  • Embedding analytics into courses across the university
  • Establishing a Tableau User Group
  • Encouraging participation in Makeover Monday challenges
  • Providing dedicated office hours for Tableau support
  • Connecting students with local companies and Tableau community members

About the speaker


Kathleen Campbell Garwood

Kathleen has been working in the Business Intelligence and Analytics department at Saint Joseph's University for over 10 years. Having completed a PhD in statistics, she joined the faculty as assistant professor in Fall 2014. She has taught various undergraduate and graduate courses in basic and advanced topics in analytics. Her research interests include rank ordered statistical comparisons, sustainability rankings, forecasting and modeling. She does statistical consulting for various sources and enjoys volunteer activities than enhance the educational experience.

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