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Big Visualization: Putting the Big Data Focus on the Insights

Data is the key “raw material” driving businesses today, and it is ushering us into the next revolution. New manufacturing processes in the 1700s and 1800s completely transformed how goods were manufactured, and similarly the era of Big Data is redefining the way data is produced, analyzed and consumed.

With the huge focus on Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and other scale-out systems for storing Big Data, there are many questions about how to then access the data and extract its value. The enterprise has moved rapidly to data visualization approaches, but how does that apply to big data?

While the Big Data landscape evolves and consolidates, one theme is consistent – businesses need to be able to use a common analytical tool to access their data, whether big or small, and wherever it lives.

Learn more about:

  • The Big Data Revolution: Hype or an Imperative
  • Can’t Any Data Access Tool Access Any Source?
  • How is Data Exploration Different From Data Visualization?
  • NoSQL – what are some interesting approaches for visualizing NoSQL data?
  • How does Spark change how Big Data is visualized?
  • What Are Some Examples of Big Data Visualization Wins?

À propos des intervenants

Lynn Langit

Founder & Consultant, Lynn Langit

Jen Stirrup

Owner, Copper Blue Consulting

Jeffrey Feng

Product Manager, Tableau
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