Join Cloudera and Tableau for an interactive luncheon to understand the critical importance of data discovery within your organization and how together, we are empowering more users to accelerate data innovation.

Data scientists, analysts, and savvy business users continue to demand more data, and now IT departments can provide users with the keys to success. Learn how IT departments are deploying a data discovery solution that enables more employees to create analytics. Ultimately, unlocking innovations within these information-driven enterprises and leading to critical competitive advantages.

Join Us in McLean, VA.

Attend and discover how you can build a secure, compliance-ready enterprise data hub (EDH) with Cloudera and Tableau putting the power of data analytics in the hands of data-savvy business users. Key discussions will include:

  • How Cloudera’s implementation of an EDH enables data discovery.
  • Real world implementations of data discovery.
  • How Tableau complements existing skills sets to enable data discovery with Cloudera.

Registration in advance is required. Space is limited. Thank you!

Questions or can’t attend but want more information?
Contact your Cloudera or Tableau Account Representative. Alternatively, feel free to contact

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