More Than Just Pixels on a Screen

Join Rob for this session and get a behind-closed-doors look at how the analytical process can work across all areas of an organisation. This is not a sanitised, linear case study like you read in textbooks - it’s hard going in the data trenches.

Rob will provide the methodology of how his team makes Tableau work. Join him for this session and learn about their very own Tableau (Design) Drive: what steps they perform, in what order, with what works and what doesn't.

Their approach:

  • See design as part of an engagement process, blurring the division between domain and design experts.
  • Consider everything that goes before even making the dashboard: the wrong turns, the pointless meetings, the perpetual prototyping, and data chauffeuring to win over hearts and minds.
  • How to make the dots more than just pixels on a screen, to get your users to really connect with the customers/residents behind the data.

Rob's session will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Andy Cotgreave and all 5 of the Zen Masters about all things data viz and Tableau, so bring your questions.

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