The BI market has finally reached a tipping point in a multi-year market transformation (Garnter 2016) and the modern approach to analytics has arrived. Offering a new paradigm where self-service analytics and governance no longer fight for control, but join forces to enable data-driven decisions across the enterprise. Join us to experience how Tableau helps organizations modernize analytics.

This workshop is geared for IT managers and server administrators working with Tableau Server or Tableau Online. The hands on topics covered during this session will help you and your team to plan, deploy, manage and upgrade Tableau Server. Additionally, you'll learn best practices for applying data governance and security for true self-service analytics.


State of the Field - Business Analytics (30 minutes)

  • What does Gartner say about the market transformation?
  • Where are most organizations today and what challenges arise?
  • How does Tableau fit into the enterprise and what does the modern approach look like?

Get your hands dirty with Tableau and learn about:(Hands-on 90 minutes)

  • Governance and Management
  • The Tableau Data Server – your single version of the truth
  • The Tableau Data Engine – revving it up by sharing and automating
  • Security and Governance – only see what you should, only change what you can
  • Automation – We work hard, so you don’t have to
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Publishing and interacting
  • Subscriptions and alerts
  • Going Mobile

This is a hands-on event, so please bring your laptop and a mobile device.

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