fifty-five relies on Tableau Software to simplify Big Data

Date de publication: 27 février, 2013 - 09:00

fifty-five, a pioneer of Business Analytics Marketing, strengthens its analytic and reporting capacity by integrating Tableau Software. Tableau’s visual analytics enable businesses to quickly and visually analyze a set of data, regardless of its size and format. Thanks to Tableau, fifty-five automates the entire reporting process to provide marketing managers with synthetic dashboards from which they can assess their digital strategies.

fifty-five is a specialist in data analysis that assists its clients in the optimization of their devices and marketing strategies on the internet. To do this, the company collects all of the relevant data to evaluate the performance of a site and its traffic. The analysis of this data enables a better understanding of the ecosystem of a website and the identification of the levers that act to optimize the conversion rate according to predefined key indicators.

One of the major challenges for data analysis is the ability to process and visualize databases of several million rows. "Tableau Software represents a double benefit," noted Martin Daniel, Visual Data Lead at fifty-five. "It is both a powerful computational engine and a data visualization tool that complements our own analysis tools in an effective manner. With Tableau, we are not only capable of exploring and processing huge databases but also automating and simplifying the set of reporting, which allows us to concentrate on the analysis and recommendations we can draw from it."

Tableau provides visual analysis data in graphical form and in color schemes. The consultants at fifty-five can thus have a very practical and general view of the observed indicators and their performance at a glance.

"Tableau is also an important asset in the A/B testing campaigns that we deploy for a number of our customers," Martin Daniel continues. "Some include a large number of variables. With Tableau, we can quickly view and understand the results of these tests. It's very easy to adjust or identify the most efficient factor with respect to the objectives of the site.”

"One of the major challenges facing marketers today is to have an overall and simple vision of the performance of their campaigns in order to be able to very quickly evaluate their digital strategy," emphasized Mats Carduner, co-founder and CEO of fifty-five. "Tableau currently enables us, as part of our tasks, to visually present simple and relevant indicators that arise from complex analysis and multiple databases. We also simplify the access to the data and allow marketing managers to make the most relevant decisions to optimize the ROI of their campaigns."

About fifty-five
Co-founded by Mats Carduner, the former CEO of Google France, with Nicolas Beauchesne, Alan Boydell, Arnaud Massonnie and Jean Neltner, fifty-five is a pioneer of Business Analytics Marketing. The company, which has received support from OSEO and has the status of a "Young Innovative Company," specializes in optimizing the performance of web sites with the collection, analysis, representation and use of digital data, which is growing exponentially. fifty-five assists its clients in the optimization their Internet strategy by focusing on the conversion of the site and the performance of the media mix.

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