Tableau Online: Now Store Your Data Exclusively in Europe, in the Cloud

We are pleased to share Tableau Online users can now choose to physically store their data and workbooks exclusively in Europe, thanks to our new data centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Our new Dublin data centre means greater flexibility for our users around the world. Users now have the choice of putting their Tableau Online site closer to themselves and their data, either in the US or in Europe. Our users in Europe don’t have to worry about their data leaving the EU. And they can expect better-than-ever performance when analysing and refreshing their data in Europe.

Tableau Online makes working with cloud data fast and easy, whether your data is stored in cloud databases like Amazon Redshift or your own databases on a hosted platform like Microsoft Azure. Our cloud-technology partners like AWS, Microsoft, and Google all have data centres in Ireland. That means our European users can have an end-to-end cloud data infrastructure all hosted in Europe.

We have more than 3,000 active Tableau Online customers, more than half of whom are located outside the US. These users wanted a choice in where their data is stored, and today we’re proud to offer that option. At Tableau, we have always subscribed to the idea that our users know what is best for them, and our new Dublin data centre is just one more example of our commitment.

Tableau Online is a complete SaaS solution. Signing up takes just two minutes and comes with zero upkeep or management headaches. If you’d like to see Tableau Online in action (including the new option to select your data location), try a free 14-day trial.

If you already use Tableau Online and are interested in migrating your existing Tableau Online site to the new Dublin data centre, contact your Tableau account manager.

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