You may have read that Jonah Lehrer, one of our keynotes for TCC12, was caught making up quotes about Bob Dylan. Because of this, we are replacing him.

We want to bring you great speakers with thoughtful and thought-provoking content. And obviously both the speaker and his content must be truthful and authentic.

Rest assured we are already on the hunt for someone who can deliver an amazing talk that will absolutely thrill you. If you have ideas for a speaker, we welcome them. We can't promise we'll get your favorite but we'll do our best!


How about Bret Victor?

For those not familiar with him, see

I second that nomination

Thanks Joe and Mikey34.

We have actually talked to Bret about speaking.

Don't know the outcome yet but stay tuned!

How about a Few - McCandless debate?

Thanks Joe and Kelly - cool ideas! David McRaney is on our list to investigate. And with Few and McCandless, well, you never know what might be possible.

How about Nancy Duarte?

Hi Julius - Interesting suggestion on Nancy Duarte. We actually did pursue her but as I recall, she had a conflict with our dates. But it's been a long while (like over a year) so I think I'll check back.

I will have some news soon... I want to let you, Joe, Kelly, David and Mikey34 know that we are about to announce a super spectacular new keynote. I am very excited personally and I hope you will be too. Watch for social posts (Twitter or Facebook), an email in your inbox or a blog post here very soon.

After that announcement, we actually have one more keynote to fill. We've taken your ideas when we could and are trying to lock that one down too.

Thanks for your feedback.

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