Tableau Inducted into JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation

Tableau Chief Scientist co-founder Pat Hanranhan had the huge honor last week of accepting an award from JPMorgan Chase, a Tableau customer. The global financial services firm inducted Tableau as one of just three companies this year into the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation.

The Hall of Innovation recognizes top emerging technology vendors for business impact, measured in terms of driving value for the JPMorgan Chase, disruptiveness of technology and the overall quality of the partnership. The IT executive team at JPMorgan Chase selected Tableau for its ability to deliver fast analytics, visualization and business intelligence.

"Tableau helps us to analyze and visualize the vast amounts of data we collect every day in advanced ways,” said Guy Chiarello, Global CIO, JPMorgan Chase. “Recognizing Tableau and their differentiation, demonstrates the commitment JPMorgan Chase has to gaining maximum value and insights from our data.”

Tableau plays a key role in helping JPMorgan Chase unlock value from its data. It helps the company’s decision makers analyze and visualize large, complex data, improving the ability to react to insights in real-time.

Thanks to JPMorgan Chase for this huge honor. After all, it's recognition from our customers that drives us all to keep innovating.

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