How's Your Hospital? Canadian Healthcare Metrics Go Public

Ever wondered how your hospital would rate compared to the rest the of country? If you're in Canada then you can do exactly that.

Last week the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) released a new interactive web tool that tracks hospital performance. In what is being hailed as a landmark project, CIHI compiled years of results with the goal of bringing transparency to Canada's public health sector and ultimately improving patient care across the nation.

From the Toronto Star:

The tool provides data on 21 clinical measures, which include readmission and mortality rates after various procedures, as well as nine financial measurements. In most cases, CIHI released four years of results.

Experts say publicly releasing such data forces hospitals to compare their performance against other hospitals and helps administrators focus on specific system improvements to better protect patients.

Public reporting also provides patients with information about potential risks and problems inside their local hospitals.

The interactive visual interface was built by CIHI using Tableau and then hosted on Tableau Digital making it open and available to the public.

Check it out for yourself by clicking on the image below...

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