It’s a Revolution

I’m telling you, this first-time-ever Tableau Customer Conference in Europe is going to be something to behold. Let’s take Mindshare, one of more than a dozen fabulous customer speakers who will be there. They spend their days, nights and wee-hours of the morning doing nothing but thinking about how they can apply their marketing genius to help clients get more from their marketing dollars. And you know what? They do this with Tableau.

In fact, Tableau is big enough to them that the talk they are going to give at our Conference is called: “The Revolution that is Tableau.” A revolution!

The folks at Mindshare are really nice. Why? They actually are kind enough to share a little bit of the magic they deliver to customers by maintaining a fabulous blog, dot linking. Check it out and you’ll see why when I say the 9-11 May Tableau Customer Conference in Amsterdam is going to be “something to behold,” I really mean it. Register today.

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