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Tableau Server for Data Consumers

Are you a new Tableau Server user eager to get the most out of it? Are you curious about how to efficiently access and interact with your dashboards and visualisations? Then this webinar is for…

45 min
How to use dashboards to build an effective return-to-work strategy

HR leaders are at the forefront of implementing and monitoring a return-to-work strategy. Data will play a vital role when measuring risks related to employee health, performance, and engagement.…

57 min
10 dashboards Tableau uses for insights during COVID-19

COVID-19 impacts every part of our business, from where we work to the way we measure success. Data and analytics have been critical to help Tableau make decisions confidently and quickly. See…

50 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
Embedded Analytics for Internal Customers with Lovelytics

Interested in how you can provide an on-brand embedded analytics experience using Tableau? Join Lovelytics to step through how to embed Tableau dashboards into a portal and provide an integrated…

26 min
How to use data to adapt in an ever-changing market

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we work. It is more critical than ever for leaders to put data at the center of their decision-making—for internal decisions that affect employees and…

59 min
  • Education
  • Higher Education
Higher Education Virtual Tableau Day: Moving Forward with Data

Now more than ever, harnessing the power of data is critical in order to quickly pivot and thrive. This holds true whether your school is going fully virtual, taking a hybrid approach, or having…

199 min
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Providers
Service Line Reactivation: Patient Care During the Pandemic

Reactivating services, safely, is becoming one of the most critical tasks for health systems during this time. To help healthcare organizations, Prominence has developed a Service Line…

30 min
  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
Four Keys to Visual Analytics Success

At major pharmaceutical companies around the world, Tableau supports data-driven action from the lab to the boardroom. Life science professionals know that to receive the maximum value from data…

58 min
  • Healthcare
Ask Data: Simplify Analytics with Natural Language

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need data to make better decisions. Ask Data, Tableau’s natural language capability, allows clinical staff and leaders to get insights by simply…

54 min
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare Payers
Chronic Disease Management: Data-Driven Solutions for Payers

Healthcare expenditures are on the rise, in part, due to aging populations and patients with chronic diseases, which make up 40% of the total U.S. population and accounts for 75% of healthcare…

27 min