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What's New in Tableau 8

Tableau 8 brings a new age of data with more than 90 new features enabling you to do more than ever before. From advanced visual analytics, to new view types, to new data connections, we're giving you new tools to help you create, collaborate and captivate.

And it's all fast--- really fast.

  • Web & Mobile Authoring - No download needed. Add data and do advanced analytics at the speed of thought.
  • New Ways of Seeing - Visual analytics is at the core of the Tableau experience. See some of the new views we've added including treemaps, bubble charts, overlapping dashboards, improved sets and groups, and forecasting.
  • Fast - A new viz engine and performance enhancements product-wide mean analytics at the speed of thought.
  • Any Data - A number of new connectors, including Google Analytics, Salesforce.com and Google BigQuery.
  • Enterprise Integration - With a new Javascript API and a Data Extract API, you can integrate Tableau more deeply into your existing systems.

This webinar will provide an overview of some of these key features in Tableau 8.

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