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Tableau on Tableau: Internal Audit Analytics

At Tableau, we use our software to run every part of our business, from Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, to everything in between. Internal Audit is no exception. From SOX compliance to T&E audits, our internal audit team utilizes Tableau to organize, analyze, and present data to external auditors, finance management, and company leadership.

As the functionality of our internal audit team continues to expand, so does its need to develop a deeper understanding of Tableau’s financial systems and processes. Join Mathias Ward and Angie Sullivan to see how the internal audit team uses Tableau to achieve its audit and compliance objectives.

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About the speakers


Mathias Ward

Senior Internal Auditor, Tableau

Mathias is a graduate from the University of Montana’s MBA program and a licensed CPA. Since joining Tableau’s internal audit team early in 2015, he became certified as a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate and has helped develop dashboards for Tableau’s various internal audit functions.


Angie Sullivan

Director, Internal Audit, Tableau

Angie has worked at Tableau since 2014. She attended the University of Washington, and holds a Masters in Accounting, and is a licensed CPA. Angie spent 8 years at KPMG as an external auditor, and then moved into operational accounting roles, before joining the Tableau internal audit team. Her current role at Tableau includes oversight over the internal audit function, including testing, strategy, risk assessments, and reporting.

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