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Tableau Day

Virtual Tableau Day 

Connect with Tableau experts and masters of visual analytics among your peers to explore fresh ideas and discuss best practices in modern analytics.

Topics Covered

Data culture - Accelerate your decision making with Tableau Blueprint.

This session focusses on providing you with a good vision of Tableau adoption - starting from importance of having strong data culture, having flexibility and choice in deployments and implementing with an efficient Tableau blueprint based strategy. This session provides you with useful insights if you already have salesforce in your landscape.

Tableau landscape for Business users.

This session unravels the key aspects that business users can leverage in Tableau - including Collaboration/sharing, Alerts to keep up to date with latest happenings, Tableau mobile Metrics to have insights on-the-go.

Tableau use cases across business units.

Uncover Tableau's presence in various verticals such as Sales, Ops, HR and many more. We will showcase real-world use cases for which our customers are leveraging Tableau. We intend to provide the depth of coverage with geospatial to Embedding landscape - to give you a glimpse of how Tableau is helping businesses across geography.

VizConnect : Tableau Community Connect

Learn from Tableau Featured Authors and User Group Leaders about the inspiration and motivation to participate in Tableau community events.

Tableau Data Management

Empowering Self-Service Data Analysis with Tableau Data Management


Who Should Attend

If you are leading, delivering, or contributing towards an analytics or business intelligence program or initiative at your organization, Tableau Day is perfect for you!

We welcome the Leaders, Managers, Business users, and Analysts to join us from:

• Data Management

• Analytics/Business Intelligence/Insights

• Strategy/Innovation/Transformation

• Data Science • Operations (inc. Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Fraud & Risk Management)

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