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Smarter Data Management with Tableau

Chief Data Officers across multiple organizations have been working towards balancing data access and security. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, more than 70% of employees are able to access data that they should not, and 80% of an analysts’ time is spent simply discovering and cleaning data.  

Although organizations have started investing in advanced ETL and cataloging tools, there is still a gap in getting the right information to end users. 

Catch this on-demand webinar as we walk you through how you can expose your Data Management strategy to your end users through Tableau Data Management. This will allow business users to know where the KPIs on their dashboards come from, how they have been calculated and how they can be used. It will allow analysts to understand which data sources are the “Single Sources of Truth” and enable them to combine and prepare them in a self-service way. It will also allow IT to leverage their data assets and proactively inform their business users and analysts of data variations and changes. 

In this virtual demonstration, you will learn:

  • What Data Management is and its importance within an organization 

  • How Tableau approaches Data Management

  • How you can keep your business users informed with data details, dashboard calculations, and data quality warnings 

  • How your analysts can leverage Tableau Prep to create governed, automated and secure data prep flows 

  • How IT can leverage Tableau Catalog to get a complete view of their data assets and their relationships through lineage, impact analysis, and usage metrics 

  • How all Tableau users, from consumers of content to analysts and admins, will benefit from the trust and visibility Tableau Data Management delivers 

Who should attend

  • If your role involves ensuring your organization can access and leverage data in a governed and secure way – you won't want to miss watching this webinar.

Get the most out of your Tableau investment. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

A crucial component of data management is data preparation. Although this session will not get into details of our self-service data preparation tool, Tableau Prep, we recommend you to attend our Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive to learn more.



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