Modernizing the Citizen Experience with Interactive Visualizations

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Tableau is pleased to invite you to this informative webinar to hear from two Government of Canada organizations on their end-to-end processes for delivering public-facing interactive data visualizations.

Many government departments have been providing open data to Canadians in order to reflect transparency, accountability and permitting citizens to participate in the work that the government delivers. Historically, departments have been providing static data sets but the data demands of Canadians have become more advanced requiring departments to deliver more modern approaches through the use of interactive visualizations to allow an understanding of the data through storytelling of the data concealed in traditional static data sets. 


Natasha Zabchuk, Manager Data (CRC) and Eric Aube, Manager, Industry & Policy Monitoring
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
From start to finish – innovating data reporting within the confines of the government boundaries.

Benoit Page, Leader, Statistical Services
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service
There are two primary considerations when going from raw data to publicly facing visualizations: data stewardship and accessibility. The data process should be transparent, and all citizens should have equal access.