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Tableau and Informatica: Cloud Analytics Simplified

The ever-growing volume of data has led many companies to adopt cloud-based applications that offer greater flexibility and cost advantages. But cloud applications are more than just about storing data, the real benefit comes from getting cloud data into the hands of people for analysis to make time sensitive business decisions.

Join this webinar to find out how to advance your cloud infrastructure and deliver analytics for faster decision making by pairing Informatica, the leader in data integration, with Tableau, the world's most powerful data visualisation tool.

Informatica Cloud and Tableau Online, will show you:

  • Why cloud analytics are essential for rapid insights
  • How to use cloud analytics for customer engagement
  • What kind of 'new data' you should be looking out for
  • How to connect to over 100 data sources such as NetSuite
  • Deliver data in real time
  • Increase the speed of data-driven decision making
  • Ensure data is up-to-date and reliable throughout your organization

About the speakers


Yusuf Ali

Director, EMEA Cloud Solutions, Informatica

Alain Tourtet

Product Consultant, Tableau Software

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