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Best Vizzes of 2018

Tableau Public: A global platform with millions of visualizations and over 380,000 data enthusiasts. A community that comes together to share their data stories and learn from each other!

Together with our Tableau User Group Leader, Sarah Burnett, we will recap on some of the biggest stories of the year such as the World Cups, elections and various extreme weather conditions.

Join us in this special live webinar to review the best visualizations of 2018 as we have a discussion around the visualizations’ technique, stories and designs.

About the speakers


KJ Kim

Manager, APJ Community

Mrinal Daryani

Senior Product Consultant

Mrinal is a Principal Product Consultant in APAC. He has worked with over a hundred customers during their evaluation and deployment of Tableau. Prior to joining Tableau, he completed strategy consulting projects for nonprofits in the education and healthcare spaces.


Sarah Burnett

Tableau User Group Leader & Social Ambassador

Sarah is a true Tableau Evangelist, when she’s not busy partaking in Makeover Monday, she co-leads the Singapore Tableau User Group and is a Social Tableau Ambassador. With a passion for data literacy and an eye for visualisations, Sarah strives to shake things up in the world of finance.

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