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Financial Services Dashboard Series

Boost Productivity, Unlock Profitability, Simplify Decision-Making with Data-Driven Analytics

Financial services advisors, managers, and executives face complex decisions everyday. But imagine if you had a single dashboard of key business and customer insights that you could analyse using data-driven analytics to help you make smarter decisions—how much more productive would you be?

Watch the Financial Services Dashboard Series if you want to solve business problems faster with Tableau. Each demo will explore a dashboard that enables you with data-driven customer insights, predictive models, and AI recommendations—so you can boost productivity, profitability, and decision-making.

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Titre Longueur
How Financial Services Can Reduce Credit Risk with Data-Driven Analytics
See how Tableau’s credit risk dashboard helps you reduce risk, maximise liquidity, and improve customer service.
11 min
How Financial Services Can Personalise the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics
See how Tableau’s customer experience dashboard helps you offer personalised marketing and cross-selling opportunities.
8 min
How Insurers and Brokers Can Discover New Sales Opportunities with Data-Driven Analytics
See how Tableau's insurance advisor dashboard helps you quickly spot new pension, life insurance, and ISA sales opportunities.
12 min
How Wealth Managers Can Grow AUM and Reduce Client Churn with AI-Powered Analytics
See how the Tableau CRM wealth management advisor dashboard helps you see KPIs, cross-selling opportunities, and client churn predictions.
10 min
How Financial Services Can Manage IT Controls and Reduce Risk with Data-Driven Analytics
See how Tableau’s IT controls dashboard helps you proactively manage risks before they impact the business.
9 min
How Financial Services Can Maximise Customer Loyalty by Offering Insights-as-a-Service
See how Tableau’s insights-as-a-service dashboard helps you maximise customer loyalty.
9 min