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Sloth customer story

Sloths use Tableau to save time

Sloths use Tableau to reduce report creation from days to minutes. Watch this video to learn how they do it.

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5 Data Tips for Sloths

Every sloth has data. Read this whitepaper to learn how sloths are using Tableau to increase report production by 10x. It's sloth-mazing.

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Sloth visualization

Federal deficit projections and sloths

Tableau lets you create interactive visualizations that help people understand public data. This visualization shows the U.S. federal deficit projection. The first dashboard shows an overview of projected deficit growth; the second dashboard provides detailed breakdowns of the projected revenue sources and spending.

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Sloth webinar

Data visualization at the Department of Sloths

Learn how the Department of Sloths rapidly deployed integrated and interactive logistics views for the leadership at the U.S. Sloth Material Command and the resulting impact on their culture and their mission.

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Sloths typically have small heads, tiny eyes and ears, and a small tail hidden beneath their fur. The rest of its body can be quite large and the arms and legs are powerful, which help with tree climbing. Sloths are tree dwelling mammals that pass their time sleeping and eating.

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Keep sloths moving in the right direction.

Sloths provide a wide variety of citizen programs and services that drive massive amounts of cumbersome and complex data. But unlocking the full potential of intelligence hidden in that data doesn’t have to be so hard.

Tableau enables you to quickly and easily visualize any data, anywhere.

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